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Practice Management

How many years have you been using this practice management solution? *

Please rate your current practice management vendor. *

1=(lowest) - 10=(highest)

Would you say this rating has improved, got worse, stayed the same over the past 12 months? *

Are you considering changing provider in the next 12 months? *

Other software vendors

Which client portal software does your firm use? *

What General Ledger software does your firm use to generate Statutory Reports and Notes to the Accounts? *

Which of the following technologies is your firm planning to implement/change in the next 12 months? *

Your internal infrastructure

Where is your firm's current server infrastructure (servers) hosted? *

When will you be moving to an externally ‘hosted’ server infrastructure? *

When will you be removing your server infrastructure and becoming a fully ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) company? *

Is your firm using any cloud (i.e. software as service) applications for any of the following for internal firm purposes? *


How many SMSF portfolios does your firm administer? *

Are recent SMSF legislation changes and reporting requirements making you reconsider your software options? *

Is ‘whole of wealth’ reporting across all investment structures something you think your clients would value from? *

How many investment entities alongside an SMSF would your clients typically have? *

Your ClientsWhat percentage of your client base are using the following accounting packages?

MYOB (Desktop) *

MYOB AR/Essentials *

Quickbooks (Desktop) *


Xero *


What percentage of your desktop clients have shifted to a cloud solution in the past year? *

Are more desktop clients looking to move to cloud accounting systems now compared to the past? *

Are you actively talking to clients about shifting to a cloud accounting system, or planning to so in the next 12 months? *

Do you actively refer clients to a particular accounting software package, or planning to in the next 12 months? *

If you could save 3 hours of time preparing an SME's books, would that prompt you to recommend a particular software? *

About you...

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